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Saw the Element E50 Extinguishers on your IG post. This is exactly what I needed, I carry a fire extinguisher in my vehicles but I know they are outside their temp rating in the summer months which is not too comforting for reliability and such. Thanks!

Anthony Remis
Satisfied Customer

Great little shop that was long over due for the antelope valley. Whether you are stoping in for a quick question or you’re looking for that upgrade to fill your adventure needs, this shop and its staff have you covered.

Chris Rondel
Los Angeles, California

I went to the grand opening and had a chance to speak with the owner. He’s a great honest guy who’s passionate about camping and overlanding. They only carry quality items, some that i personally use myself and some that I’m planning on buying. I was able to buy two front runner Wolfpack boxes and an element fire extinguisher that same day. It’s also nice to see all the cool rigs people bring on the second Saturday of each month for rigs and coffee. If you’re in northern LA county or passing by on the 14, I definitely recommend you try stopping by!

Rigoberto Diaz
Lancaster, California

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Chris Phillip


We love camping and land cruisers, the 80 series land cruiser. Best one, don’t even try to prove us wrong.

On a serious note, we love camping and land cruisers but we also love being able to share adventures and the process of helping you outfit your rig to better enjoy your adventures. 

We outdoorsy people are like a special breed, we leave a perfectly comfy house, drive for hours (gas ain’t cheap), just to park on a dirt patch somewhere while fighting bugs, bears and pooping in holes and taking pictures we think are cool. Special!

Here at AV Overland, we provide our personal knowledge and great gear to help you on your crazy adventures.



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